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6 September 2017 Lilli Jones replaced Rocco Dalia as Centre Team Leader on Who Are We? page.
26 August 2017 Updated cafe details with Welcome Party and dates for the Autumn Term 2017.
Added Cafe welcome party details to the General Events Page.
Removed Tim Bruton and Andrew Bishop from who are we page.
25 August 2017 Added Guildford tour event.
10 August 2017 Added Quest dates for Autumn Term 2017.
8 August 2017 Added Autumn 2017 events.
17 July 2017 Added Rendezvous event (evening walk and picnic on 4th August)
27 June 2017 Corrected "Wednesday" to "Tuesday" in the Isle of Wight holiday description.
23 May 2017 Added Men's Outdoor games event.
22 May 2017 Added Life of Christ event, and line to Loseley event to ask for sign up.
18 May 2017 Removed Illes from who are we page, updated cafe details with Josh's name, and added details for the last "cafe" of term.
15 May 2017 Updated June 16 Rendezvous.
8 May 2017 Added Climbing Men's event.
Added note to the summer garden party that there will be a Christian themed talk.
Added description of next cafe (learn about Pakistan)
Replaced Jessica Goldsmith with Josh Chee; Cilla Slater with Rose Kittow and added Christina Leaning, to the Who Are We page.
4 May 2017 Changed date of Elstead Garden Party.
3 May 2017 Added date placeholder for next Rendezvous meeting on 16th June.
Removed 30th May cafe date.
Corrected age range for cheaper price of IoW trip
28 April 2017 Updated details for up-coming Rendezvous event, and added cost for the IoW trip.
27 April 2017 Removed late May bank holiday walk.
Added Cafe dates for May.
3 April 2017 Corrected details about early May walk, and added walk on 29th May.
22 March 2017 Updated information about Easter Rendezvous.
18 March 2017 Updated details about Men's trip to Brooklands.
12 March 2017 Updated details about Men's trip to Brooklands.
4 March 2017 Displayed general events until August 2017.
Added some details of the Men's Brooklands event, with a picture.
22 February 2017 Sorted out use of https on our home page, and rewrites from the supporters pages.
Fixed the Reach index to use https for the video, so that it doesn't give a warning.
20 February 2017 Replaced Men's Climbing event with quiz night.
13 February 2017 Corrected pancake party to say "afternoon" instead of "evening".
8 February 2017 Updated location of Globe Cafe, with new image.
Added dates for next three Rendezvous events, with better location details, and embedded Google Street View of the house.
Replaced map for Quest, with the cleaner simplified map, and embedded Google Street View of the church.
Added dates for ChitChat up until end of July.
23 January 2017 Replaced contact details of Juliette and Aiping with Martyn Whiteman. Removed Aiping, Juliette, Ruth and Rose from "Who Are We" page.
21 January 2017 Added school term dates 2017/2016 and Uni term dates until 2020.
Moved Feb men's event to 24th.
Added draft ladies valentine's event (3rd Feb).
8 January 2017 Corrected next men's event information.
2 January 2017 Added cafe dates for Feb and Mar 2017.
18 December 2016 Added dates for Quest, first half of 2017.
4 December 2016 Added Christmas Rendezvous event, and placeholders for March 17th event for CAMEO and Tuesday group.
28 November 2016 Updated certificates. Note that it's not included a couple of possible domains (namely, and another I think). This could be sorted another time, but not too important, since it seems people hardly ever go to these pages anyway.
27 November 2016 Removed dates for CE course, as per Ruth's request.
Made events up to Easter Passion Play visible, and edited the URC Games leaflet to not have date or meeting times (changed the "from" time to look more like 6.40 than 5.40).
13 November 2016 Events: Split CAMEO and Ladies' Bible study onto their own pages, and added Women's "Rendezvous" page.
Updated/corrected Cafe information, including main image.
Added picture (invite) for Rendezvous.
11 November 2016 Cancelled November 17th Quest. Added Quest Christmas Party.
10 November 2016 Updated details of Advent event.
4 November 2016 Updated wording of Christmas Lights Switch-On and marked Guy Fawkes Night as no spaces left.
2 November 2016 Added details of men's Mercedes World event.
31 October 2016 Added details of men's events that I have to date.
24 October 2016 Corrected details for the fireworks event, and links to photos in the gallery.
Resized images in the gallery to all be a maximum of 1024 pixels in one dimension.
Corrected spelling of "practise" on Quest page.
Added photo of Rocco and updated Aiping's and my photo on the Who are we page.
Also corrected Rocco's and Rose's details, description of the branch committee and noted that Dave is a member.
23 October 2016 Added images added to the gallery in August and October.
13 October 2016 Corrected location of cafe, added venue for CE/Alpha.
Corrected some hard-coded e-mail addresses used for events.
Added meet time to details of iCal events and details of CE/Alpha.
12 October 2016 Changed event meeting wording for GSA to say that it's the UniS main campus.
Added bowling for next men's event.
10 October 2016 Changed location of Cafe to 19AC03.
8 October 2016 Added draft events for Winter to Summer 2017
1 October 2016 Changed location of Cafe to TB12B and added dates for autumn term.
20 September 2016 Showed details for the Guy Fawkes event and changed contact details to Rocco.
Updated icon links to remove the ico file, as the PNG options look better.
Updated legal text with (modified) text supplied by Martyn.
Added Men's events option on the contact form.
18 September 2016 Updated picture for Godalming trip.
15 September 2016 Corrected return time in description of Godalming trip.
Renamed "Women's Bible Class" to "Women's Bible Group", removed last date in Dec and first in Jan.
Added dates of C.E. for Autumn term 2016, and updated the C.E. page with the same detail.
Updated Reach page, removed handshake logo and replaced Juliette's contact details with Rocco's.
Removed menu item for families events from all pages. Replaced link on "make friends" page with "events for men" and link on home page with "Improve your English" - pointing to Quest.
Updated "Who are we" page to put Rocco at the top as now our part time worker.
Put our UK Guide back in, because FIM have removed their link.  Needs updating.
ID course will run at the same time as Christianity Explored, instead of Alpha.
Updated contact for general events to Rocco.
Removed note to contact Ruth about any "families" events from the Ladies' page.
Removed Weekend Events for Families checkbox (and Families' section) from contact page, and reworded the women's group description.
14 September 2016 Removed the CFIS handshake logo everywhere. Using a simple block of background colour for the "tagline" area for the time being.
11 September 2016 Updated website icon, and got it working better for links in IE and Chrome, etc.
3 September 2016 Updated legal text on all web pages where it appears, to no longer reference CFIS, but to FIM charity number instead.
Replaced all visible references to CFIS with FIG, except where there is an operational (or legal) requirement.
Changed references to Christian Friends of International Students (e.g. for postal address) to Friends International in Guildford.
18 August 2016 Corrected time of CAMEO on the information page.
Re-worded Ruth's details, and reordered volunteers on the "Who Are We?" page.
Changed time of men's walk to 6pm, with note that we'll be eating at a pub.
16 August 2016 Added details of Men's Walk, and a picture of the place we'll be going.
10 August 2016 Fixed some errors on the general events page, and added picture of the Stoke Park paddling pool, and picture for the men's walking event, with some rough details.
Added tour of Godalming to events.
7 August 2016 Added 8th Sept to list of dates for Quest.
1 August 2016 Removed 6/9 from list of dates for the ladies' Bible study.
Removed section about IWG from women's page.
26 July 2016 Contact page to include message that QQ addresses cannot be used.
25 July 2016 Marked Arundel Castle trip as cancelled.
22 July 2016 Corrected date and time of Induction event.
16 July 2016 Removed last date in December for CAMEO
Added details about Men's BBQ
Added rough outline of Autumn events.
15 July 2016 Modified dates of ChitChat to finish the term early.
8 July 2016 Corrected season of men's events, and confirmed date of barbecue.
Marked Leith Hill and IoW trips as full.
4 July 2016 Added Quest dates for September to November 2016
3 July 2016 Added photos from the One World Week gala
2 July 2016 Updated "Who Are We?" page: Julia left.  Added Iles and Rocco and the directors.  Updated picture for Hugh and Ian, added picture for Andrew and names and e-mails for all directors.  Added Rocco.
21 June 2016 Added Bethel Christian Assembly to churches page.
Updated details of Leith Hill trip.
Added photos to the gallery.
20 June 2016 Fixed links to Christianity Explored website.
Enabled SSL for the website.
19 June 2016 Corrected style on families event details.
Improved the theme of the photo gallery.
Added photos to the gallery.
12 June 2016 Updated wording of CAMEO description, and added the Stoke Park events.
9 June 2016 Updated some information on the Leith Hill trip, as received from Ruth.
7 June 2016 Swapped dates of IWG Summer Solstice and Father's Day.
Added photos to the gallery.
5 June 2016 Updated links to the photos pages to use the "friendly" name of the category where appropriate, and added a link to photos of last year's Arundel Castle trip.
4 June 2016 Added more photos to the new gallery
Modified links to past photos in the events to pages in the new photo gallery.
3 June 2016 Created new Image Gallery and migrated photos from old gallery to this new one.
25 May 2016 Added families' fun day, and pictures for events.
Replaced Uche with Jessica on the cafe page.
24 May 2016 Added note to IWG Cathedral Tour to meet at the cathedral.
Added details about Bockett's Farm Park.
20 May 2016 Added Film Night details to Men's events.
14 May 2016 Added Elstead Garden Party and Changed Men's event to Film Night.
12 May 2016 Updated details of IoW holiday.
9 May 2016 Removed dates for cafe, as finishing this week.
2 May 2016 Updated details of Alpha course with the latest course.
1 May 2016 Updated "Who are we" page, replacing Uche with Jessica and Illes
19 April 2016 Corrected 9th to 10th year for IoW holiday.
19 April 2016 Moved IoW event into chronological location.
Added Arundel Castle trip.
Updated the three main summer events' details.
Replaced with everywhere!
18 April 2016 Fixed link to what was FIM's "Where we work" page.
Put a note about giving on the About us page.
Added link to Just Giving page on the Supporters giving page.
Changed link to supporters from home page to go to the supporters' home page, as it says about all kinds of support.
Removed links to "families" page from the supporters pages, in preparation for it probably disappearing later.
Put cafe dates on for May.
Amended details on General events page to contact Julia.
Put the dates of the Isle of Wight holiday online.
16 April 2016 Added time of walk and details of picnic in the castle - to best of current understanding.
Updated Women's events (IWG) with themes.
12 April 2016 Updated details of Men's Games night (Pool and Darts instead).
1 April 2016 Updated "Who are we" to remove note about Julia being away.
10 March 2016 Corrected Summer half term dates.
9 March 2016 Added Families' Easter Fun afternoon.
2 March 2016 Updated dates of IoW trip.
23 February 2016 Marked Irish evening as full.
21 February 2016 Updated details of Irish evening, with invitation picture by Ben.
20 February 2016 Added rough details for events coming up in spring/summer.
17 February 2016 Put note on general events page to contact Ian, instead of Julia.
15 February 2016 Updated information slightly about the Irish evening.
9 February 2016 Added cafe themes for the term.
8 February 2016 Updated games event and men's quiz night with pictures.
Updated the various course details with 2016 dates, and Ruth's contact details instead of Julia, and added the dates.
Added some cafe dates, and the theme of this week's cafe.
29 January 2016 Corrected details for the Easter play.
27 January 2016 Added a couple of topics for the women's group.
Corrected date of the men's Quiz night.
20 January 2016 Added rough outline of men's events for the first half of the year.
Added IoW dates (with no details).
19 January 2016 Added men's bowling night.
11 January 2016 Added Westborough church games event.
Added Aiping back to Who Are We page, and made her the contact for general enquiries, and noted that Julia is away and to contact Juliette instead.
5 January 2016 Corrected dates and added themes for International Women's Group.
9 December 2015 Updated families Christmas event and Pancakes and Irish Afternoon.
4 December 2015 Added Peter and Martyn to Who Are We page.
25 November 2015 Added details of cafes until Christmas.
Added men's Christmas Party.
Added Cathedral Tour.
20 November 2015 Updated time for Advent Event. Added CCF Study Tips event.
Removed Emily from "Who are we" and noted that Hugh organises the Men's events.
18 November 2015 Removed Women's Group 16th Dec date.
13 November 2015 Added details of the last two Womens Groups this term.
Added meeting details for walking to the light switch on event.
Added Advent / Christmas event.
Added families Christmas Carol concert.
Renamed International Cafe to Globe Cafe, and included Uche's banner picture.
9 November 2015 Corrected time and venue of Lights Switch on.
Added IWG's dates and titles.
Added theme for this week's cafe.
6 November 2015 Added Quest Dates to end of academic year.
Added details of womens group.
4 November 2015 Marked Guy Fawkes' Night as sold out.
1 November 2015 Set time of Guy Fawkes event.
20 October 2015 Updated cafe date for next week, to be on Thursday. Added men's "Maclaren" event - details to be sorted - with a picture of a car.
14 October 2015 Updated Hatchlands Park event.
14 October 2015 Added Welcome presentation 2015.
12 October 2015 Updated date and details for men's event in October.
9 October 2015 Reverted cafe to being in LTJ.
6 October 2015 Retrospectively removed today's date from list of dates for cafe.
4 October 2015 Changed location of cafe to Rubix.
26 September 2015 Removed this week's cafe event.
Added Families trip to Hatchlands Park.
25 September 2015 Corrected time of Cafe Welcome meal.
24 September 2015 Corrected link to FIM on homepage.
24 September 2015 Added photo to Induction fayre event.
Changed all date-only page displays to have the dates in a line, rather than in a table.
20 September 2015 Added Men's music sharing event.
18 September 2015 Updated Broadwater event with some additional sentences from Ruth.
12 September 2015 Confirmed time of Broadwater Trip and removed Men's event of 16th.
30 August 2015 Added text for I/S Fayre, and picture for Freshers' Fayre.
27 August 2015 Added I/S Fayre dates and times. Moved Welcome meal from Cafe page to General Events page.
25 August 2015 Corrected wording for Thursday women's groups on the contact page as it's now weekly not fortnightly.
20 August 2015 Removed Ladies' Social Mornings from contact form.
Updated iCal details about CAMEO and International women's group.
Replaced "ladies" with "women" everywhere.
Added families' trip to Broadwater Park, with time TBC.
Removed Monday's Ladies' Socials as they are not happening any more.
Reworded description of CAMEO as it's no longer just for "ladies".
International Women's group not starting until 16th Sept.
18 August 2015 Added dates for Autumn term 2015 cafe, and replaced Janet with Uche.
13 August 2015 Changed "English Conversation Class" to "International Women's Group".
Added details of men's crazy golf.
8 August 2015 Added dates for Quest in Autumn term.
24 July 2015 Added events for Autumn 2015 and provisional events for Winter 2016.
16 July 2015 Updated dates of Ladies Bible Study and CAMEO for the rest of this term. Added next term's dates.
Updated cost of Arundel Trip.
11 July 2015 Added details for the Men's BBQ.
30 June 2015 Added / Corrected information about the family fun day.
29 June 2015 Corrected date of families' fun sports day and date chitchat will start in the autumn term.
8 June 2015 Corrected the name of Indiaca for the men's event.
7 June 2015 Added men's events outline for Autumn 2015.
Marked IoW trip as booked up.
3 June 2015 Updated theme of last two ladies socials.
2 June 2015 Added details for the Men's Croquet event.
29 May 2015 Added Returning Home Seminar to events, and noted a few places left for the Isle of Wight trip.
13 May 2015 Removed cafe beach trip, as it is unlikely to happen.
Added definition of Joust and Medieval to the jousting event.
8 May 2015 Marked IoW trip as sold out.
5 May 2015 Corrected some of the characters that must be escaped in ICal.
4 May 2015 Corrected some typos in the events.
1 May 2015 Added cathedral tours for families, replacing English Conversation class for 6th May.
Added details of Men's American Food evening, and added Millmead Fun afternoon.
25 April 2015 Modified cafe beach trip to TBC
Added Jousting Event and Summer Garden Party
23 April 2015 Modified gallery theme to widen side-bar and line up tagline and match colours.
20 April 2015 Added cafe dates for summer term.
Added school term dates 2016/2017.
14 April 2015 Changed date of Families Picnic from 4th July to 5th July.
13 April 2015 Updated "who are we" page: Added Emily, removed Philip and Larry from list of directors, replaced Janet with Uche (cafe).
Added May bank holiday walk to events.
4 April 2015 Added time and picture to Easter Egg Hunt.
1 April 2015 Deleted all the old UK Guide pages.
Added lifeuk.html page, which points to (and contains) the new Friends International page for downloading the app, etc, and modified .htaccess to redirect any ukguide pages to this new page.
20 March 2015 Added Spring / Summer Families and ladies events.
Added skeleton of Men's events.
Replaced picture of church for Quest with picture of Quest group of people.
11 March 2015 Updated families fun day details with "urgent" information.
10 March 2015 Added Easter Egg Hunt event
1 March 2015 Added Isle of Wight details.
26 February 2015 Added details for cafe until Easter.
11 February 2015 Updated all the pages under Faith Matters to include an Alpha page, which has been added with some very basic details. Updated dates of when the courses will run (removed the dates of courses not currently running). Added dates for Christianity Explored and Alpha to the calendar.
2 February 2015 Moved date (and time) of pancake party.
Added details for men's meal.
Added some links to the faith page.
28 January 2015 Removed English Class date, added Family Fun Afternoon, corrected typo on Sync page.
21 January 2015 "Fixed" issues with descriptions of events and e-mail addresses for iCal events in synchronisation.
14 January 2015 Added map to show, and note about where Cath Court reception is.
12 January 2015 Updated details about fun day. Corrected date of Trafalgar Square Passion Play.
Added CSBC picture to Quest page.
10 January 2015 Updated men's January event with Story Telling details. Modified calendar script to prefix "Men's" on men's events.
Added Family Fun Day to Events.
11 December 2014 Removed 16/12/2014 from Bible Study dates.
Changed CAMEO to every week from start of 2015.
2 December 2014 Corrected dates of last two cafés.
2 December 2014 Marked Advent event as sold out.
Added dates for quest for Winter-Summer.
1st December 2014 Removed first week of Jan from Bible Study and Conversation class.
Added dates for Ladies and removed date for CAMEO in winter/spring.
Added details of some Christmas events and corrected the end time of the Passion Play.
28 November 2014 Corrected cafe to LTH
Added Christmas men's event.
Added e-mail address for Julia to Christmas event.
19 November 2014 Café: switched cake-making and afro-Carribean night.
17 November 2014 Updated Café details to Pizza and Questions evening.
16 November 2014 Added details of next men's event - indoor games.
Added details of Christmas, and two events next term.
7 November 2014 Added Advent event and moved prospective Nov men's date.
6 November 2014 Added Cathedral tour details to families' page.
1 November 2014 Marked Guy Fawkes night as "sold out", and removed it from the cafe list.
Removed the note about Halloween.
31 Octember 2014 Updated churches list
25 October 2014 Added Welcome Presentation as provided by Julia
Added Cream Tea Presentation.
23 October 2014 Corrected venue of café to lecture theatre J.
Added details of the various Bright Party events.
18 October 2014 Noted that this week's café will be in Hillside Restaurant.
16 October 2014 Updated details of next men's event.
16 October 2014 Added time for Bonfire event.
Added dates for Good Company.
2 October 2014 Added Bocketts Farm families event and pictures.
25 September 2014 Added Café details for autumn term.
20 September 2014 First Chit Chat page.
19 September 2014 Updated time and details of the CU's welcome meal, and added a picture.
Made fireworks image larger, so that import into FB worked.
19 September 2014 Corrected FIM's address and phone number on the UK Life page.
Updated date and venue of welcome meal.
14 September 2014 Added additional house numbers to contact script data.
13 September 2014 Removed Paul Lambdin from list of directors.
9 September 2014 Added men's bowling event.
27 August 2014 Corrected rewrites to the events script and fixed an issue with special single quotes.
25 August 2014 Updated Events script to allow selection of which events to include in ICal file or list.
15 August 2014 Added Andrew Bishop to Who Are We? page.
12 August 2014 Corrected beginning of autumn term dates for Ladies groups.
8 August 2014 Added Families' Broadwater lake trip, Freshers' Fayre and Welcome Meal.
Added dates and titles for ladies' socials.
Added BBQ event for Men. Changed "Men" to "Good Company" and removed quotes around Quest.
25 July 2014 Added known Autumn events.
24 July 2014 Added Quest dates for autumn term 2014.
15 July 2014 Replaced "new2uk.ork" with "" everywhere.
5 July 2014 Added a load of images
14 June 2014 Marked IoW trip as sold out
13 June 2014 Corrected details about café beach trip.
Changed Who Are We page to have general contact details (Rose) at the top. Reworded Ruth's contact details to make it clearer that it's for Families and Ladies, and removed phone number.
31 May 2014 Replaced Aiping with Juliette as Administrator on who are we?.
24 May 2014 Improved layout of "Who are we?" page.
13 May 2014 Corrected some details of a shop in town.
27 April 2014 Added men's Pool and Darts evening.
26 April 2014 Updated Summer Garden Party details.
21 April 2014 Added details of how to synchronise applications and devices to our events calendar. Improved appearance of some of the pages - since going to wide format, some look a bit messed up. (Major work still to do on Tour pages!)
16 April 2014 Updated café details with Janet's name.
4 April 2014 Added spring/summer events and dates for Quest.
22 March 2014 Updated venue for Cafe mystery night.
21 March 2014 Added Isle of Wight 2014 holiday details.
Corrected XHTML error in home page.
20 March 2014 Added Families Fun Afternoon and set times for IC Windsor Trip.
5 March 2014 Added men's board games event.
Made xhtml valid again on all pages.
23 February 2014 Added details of storytelling 2014.
8 February 2014 Updated cafe details with new information from Melissa.
29 January 2014 Changed time of story-telling event from 7.30pm to 7.15pm.
24 January 2014 Minor rewording of Moving On! page.
23 January 2014 Added Moving On! page, and revamped the Christianity Explored page, with new menu items to them.
Updated the wording on faith and bible pages.
Corrected links on churches page.
Corrected error with facebook badge on all modified pages.
18 January 2014 Updated Ladies' Bible Class info, with information about the two different groups and added page for Christianity Explored, with dates in calendar.
16 January 2014 Added Men's bowling night.
11 January 2014 Updated Cafe details with latest ones received from Melissa.
7 January 2014 Added ladies social mornings details for winter/spring term.
Corrections and improvements to event information display.
6 January 2014 Added monthly event details and cafe dates and themes for Winter/Spring 2014.
5 January 2014 Updated CAMEO dates to include 5th Thursday of the month, and updated the ladies page with this information.
4 January 2014 Added dates for term's Quest meetings.
29 December 2013 Fixed a large number of broken external links.
22 December 2013 Added Emmanuel Christmas Day Open house to events.
16 December 2013 Added extra date for cafe - last one of the term
6 December 2013 Added note to Ice Skating cafe about needing to sign up / pay.
Added Christmas holidays note about closure / hosting.
Added draft events for 2014 to Winter / Spring.
3 December 2013 Corrected time of Carols at Rubix international cafe.
28 November 2013 Removed last week in term date for Women's Conversation class. Added Christingle Service for families.
28 November 2013 Removed last week in term date for Women's Conversation class. Added Christingle Service for families.
18 November 2013 Fixed generation of ICal for Men's events to start with "Men's" so that is clear who the events are for.
16 November 2013 Added Quest Christmas party.
14 November 2013 Updated Christmas Lights event with note that it is at Millmead, with link to map of directions to the church.
12 November 2013 Swapped dates for a couple of cafe events.
4 November 2013 Sorted out display of alternative times and venue on cafe page and corrected time and venue of a couple of cafe events.
21 October 2013 Changed date of cathedral music event to 14th Nov.
16 October 2013 Added "office hours" next to Ruth's telephone number on who are we page.
Removed contact details from contact page, and replaced with another link to the "Who are we?" page.
11 October 2013 Added details of men's pizza evening.
2 October 2013 Updated cafe details with the planned themes.
29 September 2013 Updated details of cafe with location (TB18/19)
21 September 2013 Added option to events to return "raw list" of events.
Modified ICal file to (a) meet the specification limiting line length to 75 chars, wrapping as appropriate, in order to (b) modify the title for events that are for specific groups to state as such.
20 September 2013 Corrected details, and removed venue, for the international cafe
For iCalendar convert é to e, for the time being, as failed to work out how to make it display correctly.
19 September 2013 Added dates and titles for other men's events.
Attempted to get é (for international café title) to display correctly in iCal file.
18 September 2013 Updated time of advent party.  Added Fresher's Fayre.  Added provisional dates of Cafe.
14 September 2013 Added Families' Christmas Party.
Added Men's Bowling Night.
6 September 2013 Updated the links to UniS Student Care and Guildford College international students information.
3 September 2013 English conversation class not meeting on the 4th.
29 August 2013 Added links on a few pages to the "Where we work" section of Friends international's pages.
Corrected date of October Ladies' social morning.
29 August 2013 Added links on a few pages to the "Where we work" section of Friends international's pages.
26 August 2013 Fixed apparent bug in calendar, whereby days at the beginning of the month were not always placed in the correct position.
18 August 2013 Fixed a couple of errors in the ICAL, and added location if venue specified.
17 August 2013 Amended details about children wearing car seats on the ladies' page.
Correct typo in events.
Added placeholder for Men's Events - "Coming Soon!"
Begun experimental new service, to publish events as an ICAL so that they can be synchronised to Google / Windows Live, and thus to phones, etc.
10 August 2013 Added dates for ladies social mornings, and updated information, for Autumn Term.
Added two families' events for Autumn Term.
Updated photos (and added missing ones) for just about all events.
4 August 2013 Added "general" events for Autumn 2013.
Updated café details with Melissa's name and that café will be on Tuesdays (but no dates yet).
Added link to café page back onto the menu and "make friends" page, and option back onto the contact page.
Changed location of ladies' social mornings to Rose Kittow's house (but no dates yet).
3 August 2013 Added autumn term dates for Quest.
Fixed some issues with the wide-screen format in the tour pages.
25 July 2013 Fixed accented characters issue in contact form.
19 July 2013 Removed Martin Li from "Who are we" page.
Added our new P.O. Box address to several pages.
16 July 2013 Fixed some issues with the contact form: improved layout for full-width screen display; made error messages stand out better; error message for invalid e-mail address, rather than just asking for the e-mail address again; improved "spam" checking.
30 June 2013 Added a couple of events for the summer.
30 June 2013 Added a couple of events for the summer.
6 June 2013 Finally made calendar size its width based on width of screen.
Corrected end time for families' event (Guest Service).
5 June 2013 Added/updated families events for rest of Spring/Start of Summer 2013, with pictures.
Conversation class not happening on same day as tour of cathedral.
1 June 2013 Removed 'TBC' from Elstead Garden Party Time.
Added links to Facebook groups on Quest page.
27 May 2013 Added provisional details of Elstead Garden Party 2013.
Modified the text on general, families and ladies pages to make them display better at different widths.
20 May 2013 Added provisional dates for CAMEO and other women's meetings, based on school term dates, until 2015.
Added dates of university semesters until 2017.
Modified events script to be able to supply number of months ahead to calculate (add months=... to the url)
Improved appearance of the text on calendar for wide-screen.
19 May 2013 Conversation Café not happening on last day of term.
11 May 2013 Added outing to the beach to events, and semester dates for upcoming year.
8 May 2013 Updated who are we? page, with Melissa Hart having taken over role of CU International Secretary, and improved layout for wide screen.
16 April 2013 Marked Surprise outing as full.  Corrected events style sheet so that full or cancelled events display properly.
13 April 2013 Changed style sheets - first step towards wider screen format.
Improved style for the Tour pages for new wide format.
Improved style for the UK Guide pages for new wide format.
Updated events styles to improve display of a few events in the new wide-format.
11 April 2013 Modified events: fixed date in link to e-mail for the individual events of climbing the cathedral.
Removed duplication of venue for the fun day.
Added Quest Elstead Tea.
8 April 2013 Modified events: fixed date in link to e-mail for the individual events of climbing the cathedral.
Removed duplication of venue for the fun day.
26 March 2013 Added events for Spring.
24 March 2013 Modified Families title to omit the "Weekend" part, as they might not be at the weekend.
Added note to the Passion Play about meeting at the station at 1.15pm for a tour.
Corrected cathedral tower event to use the multiple dates system.
23 March 2013 Updated event style to have shaded background and titles to be same colour as text (on screen only), with gap after main event title
22 March 2013 Added Families' Stoke Park picnic event.
21 March 2013 Added Spring Families' and Ladies' events.
14 March 2013 Updated dates of Quest for after Easter.
2 March 2013 Updated dates of Quest.
21 February 2013 Updated events with details of International Gala and added Families fun Afternoon.
Updated images of Julia and Ruth on who are we? page.
11 February 2013 Removed links to International Café, and noted on page that it is shut for the foreseeable future.
28 January 2013 Added Families' Pancake Party event.
Updated general pancake party event (link to e-mail if intending to go).
26 January 2013 Updated date and time of Pancake Party.
23 January 2013 Individual event pages now contain links back to all events and to the calendar.
17 January 2013 Burn's Night Cancelled
Changed date of Pancake Party (TBC), and updated Passion Play venue to Chertsey Street Baptist Church.
Updated Cafe info to say it's open one day a week, and to contact Anna for when.
10 January 2013 Added Facebook "like" box to all main pages.
4 January 2013 Added Gala and Passion Play events.
Added Facebook "like" box to home page.
3 January 2013 Added Ladies' social morning dates for Winter/Spring term.
Minor modification to Families' Christmas party event.
10 December 2012 Removed International Café dates for the rest of Autumn Term 2012 and added link to Facebook group.
6 December 2012 Added Winter/Spring dates for Quest.
3 December 2012 Added Tim Bruton to Directors on who are we? page.
2 December 2012 Date of St Saviour's Student Carol Service changed.
1 December 2012 Made Christmas hosting details available and added a couple of the events for Winter 2013.
17 November 2012 Added picture for Quest "Christmas Party"
16 November 2012 Updated conversation café dates.
Updated details of Christmas lights ceremony.
Updated dates for Quest and added Quest "Christmas Party"
27 October 2012 Corrected dates for Quest.
26 October 2012 Corrected time of Christmas lights event.
22 October 2012 Updated International Café room to TB18/19.
2 October 2012 Removed "where are we" as we don't have place in the Chaplaincy any more, which is now in Wey Flat.
24 September 2012 Added photo of Martin Li on who are we? page.
14 September 2012 Added photo for Aiping and Anna, and added Martin (short-term volunteer) and replaced Sue (the end of an era) with Dave & Lois on who are we? page.
4 September 2012 Corrected some details for What's On in the Autumn term.
26 August 2012 Added International Café dates for Autumn term.
24 August 2012 Updated What's On for the Autumn term.
18 July 2012 Added provisional (expected) dates for Quest in Autumn term, with map to CSBC.
Noted that Conversation Café is also for families!
27 June 2012 Updated end time and contact details for the Families' Fun day.
Added address of Emmanuel Church to Conversation Café event.
18 June 2012 Updated meeting time for Conversation Café.
Added Facebook badge linking to our Facebook page on all main pages.
4 June 2012 Replaced Mingjia with Aiping as Administrator on who are we?.
25 May 2012 Removed the google tracking code from all pages, as I don't know what the legality now is - from 26th May 2012 users must be informed about cookie use and given the option not to use them!  The public-facing parts of this website no longer uses any cookies whatsoever.
2 May 2012 Modified events scripts to allow for "ShortTitle" of events.
Updated IoW holiday to state there's only one place, and to give it a short title.
Get the football evening's a short title also.
2 May 2012 Modified events scripts to allow for "ShortTitle" of events.
Updated IoW holiday to state there's only one place, and to give it a short title.
Get the football evening's a short title also.
18 April 2012 Improved display of images for Isle of Wight (and also the image for the Summer Party).
Added option for events to show as "print preview" mode (white background).
13 April 2012 Removed boating event and corrected time of garden party.
10 April 2012 Added Rosemary Kittow to who are we? page as she joined the directors.
Confirmed and added details for Summer Garden Parties.
4 April 2012 Football evenings:  Put football events back into calendar and updated with latest known details.
30 March 2012 Modified calendar to allow for alternative descriptions for the calculated date events.
Added Quest Walk (on a Saturday) and Quest dates for summer term.
Added Summer events (mainly as TBC) as markers.
28 March 2012 Updated text of Isle of Wight holiday regarding age of children that can come for free.
Updated text of Passion Play with details of meeting place for tea, and note that the play will also be held in London.
Added Kairos Musical Ensemble event.
23 March 2012 Updated who are we? and International Café pages, with Anna Greening having taken over role of CU International Secretary.
17 March 2012 Added some families' events and details for Ladies' social mornings until July.
22 February 2012 Updated details for the Isle of Wight holiday.
20 February 2012 Added International Café themes for rest of term.
12 February 2012 Added dedicated page with links to the literature read during the Story Telling Evenings.
11 February 2012 Corrected church details and added links to all the churchs' websites where available.
6 February 2012 Added link in the Calendar to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee website.
3 February 2012 Removed date for International Café as there's a Barn Dance instead.
Updated details for Families Fun Afternoon.
Added event details for Passion Play and initial information for the Isle of Wight Trip to General Events Page.
Fixed link to photos pages from old URL.
23 January 2012 Added the day's International Café Theme and location.
Fixed display of Contact Form for Google Chrome bug and updated court details.
7 January 2012 Added separate page for Quest.
Added "Notable Dates" to the Events Calendar.
6 January 2012 Updated details for the Visa Bible Study Course.
Improved events script.
5 January 2012 Added dates for International Café and Quest.
CAMEO now meets slightly earlier (10.15am until 11.45am).
30 December 2011 Fixed minor bug in the Events script (displaying events with a "To" date).
8 December 2011 Added time for last Christingle service.
Modified the events script to allow for a similar event occuring on several dates, but with different time, venues, etc.
2 December 2011 Added note to events page that Tesco will be closed on Christmas day, with times.
29 November 2011 Added link to Certificate of Employer's Liability Insurance.
25 November 2011 Added badge on home-page with link to new Facebook page
24 November 2011 Updated event details (updated and added some families' events for Christmas; added information about being hosted over the Christmas holidays; added a couple of general events details for Winter).
18 November 2011 Updated event details.
11 November 2011 Updated event details.
25 October 2011 Updated CAMEO dates.
25 September 2011 Added Café Themes.
25 September 2011 Added Jazz Café event.
9 September 2011 Updated event details (and "whatson" link).
4 September 2011 Updated event details.
1 September 2011 Updated general events details for Autumn.
30 August 2011 Added general events details for Autumn.
24 August 2011 Corrected some of the details for the families and ladies ladies events for Autumn.
24 July 2011 Cancelled Elstead Summer Garden Party.
20 July 2011 Added details of the families and ladies ladies events for Autumn.
12 July 2011 Fixed links to the new new photo gallery.
4 July 2011 Dates for English Conversation Class amended.
23 June 2011 Boating rescheduled (postponed by one week).
22 June 2011 Boating Cancelled due to poor weather.
19 May 2011 Added details of Cambridge Trip in July.
12 May 2011 New Photo Gallery ready and gone live.
Added Kassandra's photo to who are we? page.
9 May 2011 New Photo Gallery Added - in test phase.
7 May 2011 Added Summer Events for Families, Ladies, CAMEO and Cafe. See the events calendar.
5 April 2011 Added Elstead Garden Party to general events.
3 April 2011 Venue of "Creative Arts" evening change for April.
28 March 2011 Updated who are we? and International Café pages, with Kassandra Bailey having taken over role of CU International Secretary.
Also added Mingjia and the Directors to the who are we? page.
27 March 2011 Fixed bug introduced in events script (oops).
Updated to events and international cafe details.
24 March 2011 Tweaked the events script.
Updated to events details.
18 March 2011 Updated Winter to Spring and Summer General events
16 March 2011 Added provisional information about Winter to Spring and Summer General events
2 March 2011 Updated international cafe details
18 February 2011 Added details about the 2011 Isle of Wight holiday
31 January 2011 Updated international cafe details
16 January 2011 Update to calendar script and international cafe details
9 January 2011 Added details for Creative Arts @ Costa Coffee
6 January 2011 Added and updated details for Families and Ladies events, Winter to Spring
17 December 2010 Due to the weather conditions, the Families' Christmas party has been cancelled.
16 December 2010 Added events for Winter to Spring 2011
15 December 2010 Added information for families christmas party and holiday hospitality.
14 December 2010 Added International Café dates for next term
2 December 2010 Fixed broken rewrites.
3 November 2010 Updated International Café and other events information.
3 November 2010 Bonfire event "sold out"!
25 October 2010 Added Albury Walk Photos.
2 October 2010 Updated International Café information.
25 September 2010 Fixed compatibility issue with the style in the gallery pages.
15 September 2010 Added Fresher's Fayre and Albury walk to our Events (and adjusted time of the Advent Party).
14 September 2010 Clarified that certain events are for ladies and children only
Updated date of the Advent Party
11 September 2010 Fixed some layout issues in the UK Guide for Internet Explorer 8 (non-compatibility mode).
6 September 2010 Corrected some details for the Families' Events
1 September 2010 New domain name can now be used as a shorter alternative wherever "" is used (including in e-mail addresses):!
26 August 2010 Added initial details for events in Autum Term 2010.  See the Events Calender for full list.
10 August 2010 18th August Garden Party Cancelled.
27 July 2010 Added Families' Picnic on 19th August.
24 July 2010 Updated address of "Sussex Stationers" (British Bookshops & Sussex Stationers) on the Shopping Page.
15 July 2010 Tickets for Oxford trip sold out.
22 June 2010 Updated details for Oxford trip.
25 May 2010 No more cafés this term.
18 May 2010 Fix to the families' events on the calendar, and removed a date for one of the English conversation class's.
4 May 2010 Added Summer General Events.
24 April 2010 Added Summer Families' Events and details of Ladies' coffee mornings.
15 April 2010 Corrected typo on the Families' Events and General Events pages.
13 April 2010 Updated all Streetmap links to use Google Map instead, including Shopping page, which also has some updates and additions.
6 April 2010 Updated details of the Isle of Wight Holiday on the General Events page and added it to Families' Events as well.
20 March 2010 Amended Families' Events and General Events
10 March 2010 Updated who are we? and International Café pages, with Hannah Gallacher having taken over role of CU International Secretary.
8 March 2010 Confirmed some details of summer term events
6 March 2010 Added International Café details and dates
6 March 2010 Added International Café details and dates
1 February 2010 Added Ruth Archer's new phone number.
Confirmed details of some more events.
28 January 2010 Alteration to International Café dates
15 January 2010 Confirmed some General Events details for spring term
1 January 2010 Café and Ladies' event cancelled due to snow.  See What's On?.
22 December 2009 Updated International Café time and dates for the New Year
Updated Ladies' Events and CAMEO dates
Added details of Families' Events
8 December 2009 Updated Ladies' Events for Christmas
7 December 2009 Updated General Events details for Christmas and the New Year
19 November 2009 New phone number for New Life Baptist Church
15 October 2009 Updated contact form with new addresses in Manor Park
5 October 2009 Added details of an event to General Events
3 October 2009 Updated International Café details.
3 October 2009 Updated International Café details.
27 September 2009 Updated details for the autumn International Café
24 September 2009 Updated details for the autumn General Events and details about the Visa Course.
23 July 2009 New Photo Gallery goes live!
20 July 2009 Updated details of summer General Events and also added some of the winter term ones.
5 July 2009 Added photos from trip to Windsor Castle.
30 June 2009 Some clarifications on Who's who page.
Added details of a families event and a general event in August.
27 May 2009 Added photos from events of the last few months.
25 April 2009 Added details of Summer Families' events and Ladies' Socials.
21 April 2009 Added first details of events in summer for General Events and Families Events.
27 March 2009 Added photo of Leonie
26 March 2009 Reworked the details about the history of the Royal Grammar School due to dispute about what year it could be said to have been "founded".
7 March 2009 Noted in the Tour of Guildford pages the dubious claim that Cricket may have been invented in "Belguim" rather than in Guildford at the Royal Grammar School.
Also corrected a typo on a few of the other Tour pages.
16 February 2009 Noted in the Tour of Guildford pages that Castle Arch has been closed until further notice.
15 February 2009 Updated who are we? and International Café pages, with Leonie Lee having taken over role of CU International Secretary.
Fixed a bug for Firefox to display contact page better, along with some continued improvements to the underlying scripts structure.
14 February 2009 Updated contact details and added more information about the Isle of Wight holiday to the General Events page.
10 February 2009 Added information (and first photograph) of Julia Stevens and reworded some other information on the "Who are we?" page.
5 & 6 February 2009 Changes to volunteers' area.  Improvements to underlying structure.
2 February 2009 Bug fix in events script, and changed title of evening's café (Snow day!)
1 February 2009 Changes to volunteers' area.
31 January 2009 Minor correction and improvements to the underlying structure.
23 January 2009 Minor ammendments and modifications mainly to the volunteers' items.
22 January 2009 Added details of the ladies' events for this term.
20 January 2009 Added themes for this term's International Café.
19 January 2009 Minor bug fixed in contact form.
Added first official news of when our new worker, Julia Stevens, is due to join us.
16 January 2009 International Café planned for 19 January cancelled.
13 January 2009 Updated events for Winter to Spring 2009 with finalised plans and more detail.
20 December 2008 Added Spring Term dates for the International Café.
6 December 2008 Added preliminary programme of events for Winter to Spring 2009.
Corrected configuration of one of the pages of café photos which was preventing the photos from being displayed.
5 December 2008 Added some information about the Christmas Holidays Visit a Local Home Scheme to the General Events page.
29 November 2008 Corrected / updated time of the Advent Celebration.
28 November 2008 Fixed some more broken links using new tool, and amended some of the Families events details.
25 November 2008 Added details of a couple of Families events for next term.
Corrected typographical errors in guide to living in the UK and some of the use of English in the Guildford Tour.
Fixed bug in events script to remove html references in calendar mode.
21 November 2008 Changed contact form to contain a drop-down for title in order to include "Ms".
16 November 2008 Made all path references absolute and fixed some broken links.
8 November 2008 Fixed bug in contact form.
4 November 2008 Rebranded the whole website with new logo and tagline.
3 November 2008 Added the themes of term's International Café.
Added detail of "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" Families' event.
17 October 2008 Checked for and fixed broken links using W3C's Link Checker.
7-14 October 2008 Transfer to new web-host with new domain name ahead of rebrand.  It may take some time to sort out any "glitches".
21 September 2008 Sorted out a couple of style issues and bugs, particularly in the light of IE8 Beta being released.
20 September 2008 Added Hugh Griffin as coordinator of Bible Studies. Updated dates for the International Café
26 August 2008 Added dates for the International Café and details of general events for autumn.  See What's On? for a calendar of all events.
Added details of a Visa course running during the autumn term for anyone wanting to find out about Christianity.
Added some photos from the August boating event.
13 August 2008 Added details of postponed boating evening - see General events. Added some photos from a recent walk.
7 July 2008 Added details of Autumn Families' events and Ladies' Socials.
Added some photos from the Families' Summer Barbecue.
25 June 2008 Added some photos from the Visit to Cambridge, 21st June
2 June 2008 Added some photos from the 2008 Isle of Wight Holiday
19 May 2008 Added some photos from the May Country walk and the International Café group's trip to London
20 April 2008 Isle of Wight trip sold out!
Wednesday Women's group renamed Wednesday English Conversation Class and some dates for Ladies' groups have been corrected (no meetings in August).
14 April 2008 Corrected some details of the Summer General events.
25 March 2008 Added details of Summer Families events and more details for Summer General events.
15 March 2008 Corrected and added more details for a couple of the Summer events
5 March 2008 Added detail of Easter Event for Families
Moved photos to a (temporary?) different server because of space limitations!
24 February 2008 Added photos from various events in 2007 and some events early 2008, courtesy of Tim Brown.
Added some preliminary information about summer events.
18 February 2008 Updated who are we? page, with Alissa Baldwin having taken over role of CU International Secretary.  Took the opportunity of adding a few other people's photos.
Corrected and added future International Café dates - no café on 25th February!
27 January 2008 Updated details for Spring events and added details of ladies mornings - sorry for the omission in updating these sooner.
Removed details of the Christianity Explored course, as course is full.
11 January 2008 Added details of a Christianity Explored course.
10 January 2008 Added details for Spring events and International Café dates.
11 December 2007 Added some photos from our Advent event / party and Christmas café.
Corrected information about events for families.
Added some preliminary information about spring events.
2 December 2007 Corrected International Café dates - no café on 3rd December!
25 November 2007 Corrected International Café dates.
Added Google Analytics, as the current visitor information system is breaking down and no longer easily maintainable...
Fixed a few display issues for Firefox
18 November 2007 Added some more photos from Guy Fawkes night.
5 November 2007 Added important information about International Café for Monday 5th November.
Updated events information.
Added some photos from recent events.
25 October 2007 Added some photos from Monday's International Café.
Added intermediate "Make Friends" page.
17 October 2007 Added some photos from the recent Country Walk and International Café.
1 October 2007 Corrected event information.
17 September 2007 Added information about International Alpha course to the Bible study page.
Added address of Word of life church, Woking to the supporting churches page.
Removed today's date from list of dates for International Café
9 September 2007 Updated events for the autumn term.
6 August 2007 Added some photos from the Garden Party, and a link to some photos of the Families' summer barbeque.
26 June 2007 Updated general events for the rest of the summer, and added the dates for football during July.
22 June 2007 Added provisional general events for the rest of the summer and the autumn.
22 May 2007 Added details about International Football.
14 May 2007 Added some photos from the Families' outing at Paultons Park.
Added details of how to buy tickets for the events in June.
25 April 2007 Added summer term's café dates.
Added some more photos from the walk on 24 March.
10 April 2007 Updated events details for early summer.
Added some photos from the Easter Feast on Saturday 7 April.
Also added some photos to the Guided Tour of Guildford.
26 March 2007 Added some photos from the walk on Saturday 24 March.
Updated events details.
Updated supporting churches list.
16 March 2007 Added details for the Families Easter Event.
Fixed a couple of new layout issues with the guide to the UK.
15 March 2007 Fixed some layout issues.
8 March 2007 Official Friends International in Guildford rebranded pages go live!  Please report any problems with these new pages, or make constructive cristicism, to the FIG webmaster, preferably with a description of the problem, details of the operating system and web-browser you are using and, if appropriate, a screen-shot.
19 February 2007 Updated event details for the "Summer Term".
Fixed broken links using W3C's Link Checker.
6 February 2007 Added provisional event details for the "Summer Term".
Removed Chris Webb's name everywhere, as he is leaving us to become a pastor at Send Evangelical Church!
16 January 2007 Linked to new (prototype) "Events Calendar".  This is in progress, but constructive comments and problem reports are more than welcome!
Also linked to new "dynamically created" Photos pages (the difference will hopefully not be noticable to most people).
13 January 2007 Updated general events details.
14 December 2006 Added Spring 2007 café, ladies' social and family event dates.
12 November 2006 Updated café details.
Corrected provisional dates for events in spring semester 2007.
11 November 2006 Added various photos provided by Sarah Bechmanis.
Added provisional dates for events in spring semester 2007.
29 September 2006 Updated café details again!
25 September 2006 Added Guide to living in the UK, courtesy of Friends International Ministries, UK.  (There is work to do on this to include local information.)
22 September 2006 Updated café details.
17 September 2006 Updated café details for the autumn semester.
15 August 2006 Added families events details, ladies' scocial dates and café dates for the autumn semester.
7 August 2006 Added some photos from the July Bike Ride.
Fixed some issues with the comments and questions pages.
4 August 2006 Added some photos from the holiday in Kent (Feb 2006)
and a Summer Walk (3rd August).
22 July 2006 Added some photos from the Isle of Wight holiday.
Removed Aaron's and Rhonda's photo from the who are we? page.  Aaron has finished working with us and returned home to China.  Rhonda will finish at the end of July.
21 July 2006 Added events details for autumn semester.
Added some photos from the Families Summer Barbecue.
Improved some of the contact links.
3 July 2006 Added some photos from Boating in June.
Added some photos to the "Tour of Guildford".
21 June 2006 Updated families events details.
Corrected some typographical errors.
Installed improved contact form.
2 June 2006 Updated more events details.
30 May 2006 Fixed some links which were no longer valid.
Replaced all old script links with new tried-and-tested script link.
10 May 2006 Updated events details.
20 April 2006 Added details of Families events and Ladies' socials for summer 2006.
25 March 2006 Added summer semester details for the International Café.
10 March 2006 Checked and updated various links, including those to a couple of churches' home pages.
28 February 2006 Updated the Families' Events.
21 February 2006 Added some photos from the Barn Dance.
11 February 2006 Added some photos from the international café.
10 February 2006 Sarah Bechmanis has taken over leadership of the Café.
Added details about the Isle of Wight holiday in May to the General Events page.
4 February 2006 Added talk / theme details for the International Café.
27 January 2006 Added some more photos from the Boating event 2005.
22 January 2006 Added some photos from the international café.
Finally got a photo of Tim!
12 January 2006 Minor amendments.
3 January 2006 Updated date of the Easter Feast in General Events for Spring semester 2006.
Added details of Families Events for Spring semester 2006.

All pages have been converted to XHTML 1.0.
Has this affected your viewing of the site?  Please report any problems with these new pages to the Friends International Webmaster.  Please give me as much information about the problem as possible, and include the name of the browser (including version number) and operating system on which you saw the problem.  (I know about some issues with Firefox and Opera browsers; I will be working on getting this site acceptable with all the latest most popular browsers as soon as possible).
Also moved over to using a single script for all event information.  This is not directly linked to as yet, but will be when testing has completed.
9 December 2005 Added new link to Emmanuel Church, and new name of Stoughton Congregational Church (New Life Baptist) on the Churches page.
Corrected date of Barn Dance in General Events for Spring semester 2006.
Also began work to move over to XHTML™ 1.0 by beginning conversion to HTML 4.01 Strict and improving WCAG compliance.
7 December 2005 General Events updated for Spring semester 2006.
International Café dates added for Spring semester 2006.
30 November 2005 Added some photos from some of the semester's events.
Checked and corrected external links.
13 October 2005 Families' Events information updated.
7 October 2005 An "Historic Tour of Guildford" is now online, although still very much a "work-in-progress."
Updated Rhonda and Aaron's details, and added Rhonda's photo on the who are we? page.
1 October 2005 Corrected Café dates and added talk subjects.
Added some photos from some summer events.
25 September 2005 Ladies' Monday dates added for semester.
30 August 2005 Completed revised menu-system.
Finally fixed very old bug in hit-counter code.
23 August 2005 General Events updated for Autumn 2005.
International Café dates added for Autumn 2005.
Added Rhonda and Aaron to "Who are we" page.
(Removed Ilona, who has returned to Latvia.  Also removed Pulsatilla and Neil.).
13 August 2005 Checked and corrected all external links.
19 July 2005 Families' Events information updated.
15 June 2005 Added photographs from the Holiday on the Isle of Wight (end of May 2005), accessible from the main photos page.
7 June 2005 Added thumbnail photographs from May 2005 Walk, accessible from the main photos page.
21 May 2005 General Events information updated.
Guildford college contact name removed from info page.
12 May 2005 Families Events and ladies' meetings for summer.
5 May 2005 Added more thumbnail photographs of March 2005 day out in Virginia Water, and first thumbnail photos from May 2005 Walk, supplied by students and both accessible from the main photos page.
30 April 2005 Added more thumbnail photographs of past events:
Fireworks 2003; Prom Praise 2003; Visit to Hampton Court 2003; Other "Holiday" photos.
Finally added a photo of Ilona, and replaced Sue's photo with a slightly better one, on the "Who are we" page.
20 April 2005 Added thumbnail photographs of March 2005 day out in Virginia Water, accessible from the main photos page.
17 April 2005 Re-added thumbnail photographs of past events and created new pages for them, accessible from the main photos page.
8 April 2005 Updated General Events and Families Events with provisional information of upcoming events in Summer, Autumn and Spring (2006).
5 March 2005 Updated General Events to include International Guest Service.
Additional Café dates added.
Extra shop info added on Shopping page for some shops nearer to Hazel Farm.
26 February 2005 Tim Grant new organiser of The International café: Details on café and "Who are we" pages.
6 January 2005 2005 Winter / Spring General and Families' events detailed.
Details of ladies' meetings added.
13 December 2004 Added Pulsatilla's name to "Who are we" page.  (Removed Sarah's, who officially leaves on 15th Dec 2004).
7 December 2004 2005 Winter/Spring Semester General events detailed.
Added some café photos from November.
11 November 2004 Added more photos and removed restriction on others.
2 November 2004 Added some links to help students know where they can buy things on the Shopping page.
4 September 2004 Updated "Who are we" page with Ilona's contact details.  (Removed Tim & Suzanne's, who have officially left).
28 August 2004 Added Event Photos pages link on main menu.
23 August 2004 This "what's new" page added.
Removed old Bible study details.
16 August 2004 Added some cultural (language) Christian links to the Faith Matters page.
11 August 2004 2004 Autumn Semester General and Families' events detailed.
7 August 2004 Added chaplaincy opening times.
Introduction to Guildford page expanded to include extra information about location of Guildford, with links to Surrey Hills and Guildhall information.
4 August 2004 More details added to the Stats page.
30 July 2004 Added Ladies' social dates and Families information for autumn semester.
25 July 2004 Added page explaining how to find us on campus.
Added "Best of British" event details.
19 July 2004 Corrected "supporting churches" list.
Playgroup times corrected as per listed on the ladies' social page.
9 July 2004 Details of summer café added.
Added Summer Ladies' socials.
Added Families' summer events.
2 July 2004 New front image and picture of Tim and Suzanne from Wales holiday!
20 May 2004 Pictures added to churches and introduction pages.
12 May 2004 Added Tesco shopping trip details.
Added workers' photos to "Who are we" page.
3 May 2004 Added page stating what we believe.
25 April 2004 Added a warning notice about JWs on campus.
Church details given their own page.
20 March 2004 Added Sue's photo to "Who are we" page.
18 March 2004 The Friends International in Guildford web pages become valid html 4.01 (transitional)!
Also rated with IRCA and SafeSurf as a safe web-site to visit.
7 March 2004 Visa course information added.
Esther Badley new CU International secretary: Details on café and "Who are we" pages.
28 February 2004 Added "learning English" link to Introduction page.
Added more information about faith in Guildford on the Faith Matters page.
27 February 2004 Added Bible study information page.
Added "learning English" link to Introduction page.
25 February 2004 Added Tim & Suzanne and Neil to "Who are we" page.
Added provisional information for Summer Term events.
13 February 2004 Revised welcome text to better explain who and what "Friends International" is.
Added café "Theme" information.
End January 2004 New rebranded pages go live. welcoming international students
in Guildford