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Calendar Synchronisation

It is possible to synchronise our events calendar with your own devices, either directly or through another calendar such as your Google Calendar or Windows Live Calendar.

Full instructions for Google and Windows Live are below.

Use the following URL as the setting for your particular synchronisation application:

If you have a newer application on you smart phone or tablet, you may find the setting where you can add this directly.
If you have an older Android phone, for example, and you link your calendar to a Google account, you can synchronise our calender to you Google Calendar.
If you use Windows Live, you can also synchronise our calendar to that, so that you will see the events in the Windows Live Mail application, for example.
Most other applications should be similar.

Please note:

Google Calendar

To syncronise the Friends International in Guildford calendar with your Google calendar:

  1. Sign in to Google Calendar:
  2. On the left of the screen there should be a list of "Other Calendars".
    Click on the "down arrow" next to this; in the menu that appears click "Add by URL".
    (These are circled in red in the picture below).
    Location of the Add by URL menu item
  3. In the box labelled "URL:" enter the following (e.g. copy and paste):
  4. Click "Add Calendar"
    Settings to use in the Add by URL dialogue

Windows Live Calendar

To syncronise the Friends International in Guildford calendar with your Windows Live calendar (and so to Windows Live Mail, etc):

  1. Sign in to Windows Live Calendar:
  2. Click on the "Import" button towards the top-left of the screen (circled in red in the picture below):
    Location of the Import button
  3. Click on the "Subscribe" button on the left of the screen:
    Location of the Subscribe button
  4. In the box labelled "Calendar URL:" enter the following (e.g. copy and paste):
  5. In the box labelled "Calendar name:" enter a name for the calendar, such as "Friends International in Guildford"
  6. Select an appropriate colour for the calendar.
  7. Optionally select a "charm" for the calendar.
  8. Click "Subscribe"
    Settings to use on the Subscribe page welcoming international students
in Guildford