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General events and day trips

Join us to find out about some of the cultural festivals traditionally celebrated in Britain, including Advent, Christmas, Pancake Day, Easter and Guy Fawkes Night.  Come on a trip to explore local places of interest or enjoy an activity such as boating or walking.

Transport back to campus, Manor Park & Hazel Farm will be available at the end of each event.
Where a ticket is required for an event, please obtain your ticket, or tickets, in advance.  For tickets or further details about any of the events please email, unless otherwise noted in the event details.

Autumn 2017

Saturday 4th November: "Guy Fawkes" Night

Firework Display & Bonfire

Guy Fawkes' Night Fireworks

3:30pm until 9pm.  Meet at 3:30pm outside the GSA Starbucks (on the University of Surrey main campus).

Join us to see a fireworks display and bonfire commemorating the failure of the "Gunpowder Plot".  Why is this event, that took place in 1605, still widely celebrated?  Come and find out!

This year is the first time we will be going to see the fireworks at Farnham.

We will drive to Farnham Baptist Church where we will have some refreshments, watch a short video explaining what November 5th is all about, and hear a short related Bible talk.  After this we will join the torchlit processing to Farnham Park, where the bonfire will be lit and there will be a twenty minute firework display set to music.

Please note that there is a £5 entry charge for the fireworks, so please bring cash with you.  (We are trusting that this charge will mean the fireworks will be especially good!)

Returning to campus by 9:00pm approximately.

Please wear warm waterproof clothing and very strong footwear.

Places for transport are very limited, so please book a ticket in advance by e-mailing

Thursday 16th November: Christmas lights switch-on ceremony

Come with us to this spectacular event!

Some Christmas Lights in Guildford

Guildford High Street, 6pm until 9pm.
Meet at 6pm at Guildford station front/main entrance.

Join us as we watch the Christmas lights switch-on ceremony in Guildford High Street, followed by refreshments and entertainment at Guildford Baptist Church at the Millmead Centre (GU2 4BE) from 7:45pm to 9pm.

You'll be in great company watching the Christmas lights being switched on and then enjoying some traditional Christian Christmas entertainment explaining the reason for the Christmas celebration, along with sweet and savoury traditional Christmas refreshments.

We look forward to seeing you at this once-a-year, unmissable event!

There is no limit on numbers at this event, but it would help to know if you will be coming so that we can ensure there is enough food and drinks.  Please try to let us know by 16th November if you will be coming to this event, by e-mailing:

Saturday 2nd December: Advent / Christmas Celebration

A previous Advent Party

6:25pm until 10pm.  Meet at 6:25pm outside the GSA Starbucks (on the University of Surrey main campus).

Celebrate Advent with us with some Christmas activities in a traditional English farmhouse.

We will be making some Christmas decorations and Christmas cards; eating seasonal food; singing carols beside a log fire; and listening to some traditional Christmas readings.

Places are limited and there is a cost for this event: £5
Payments can be taken on Tuesday 22nd and 29th November from 7pm until 9pm at the Globe Café (room 19AC03, on the University of Surrey main campus, just behind the library).

Christmas Holidays 2017

Saturday 16th December to Sunday 7th January: Visit a Local Home

The Christmas and New Year holiday can be great fun, but could be a lonely time, especially for students on campus.  Shops and entertainment places close - certainly for the whole day on Christmas day (e.g. even Guildford Tesco will usually be closed from the evening of Christmas Eve, 24th December, until the sometime in the morning on Boxing day, 26th December) - and the university closes as well .
Friends International in Guildford tries to help by continuing to offer friendship to anyone who would like it.
Would you like to be invited to a local home, even for just a few hours over Christmas?  If so, please e-mail Dave & Lois Pratt .
Find out about Christmas by visiting one of the many churches in Guildford on any Sunday or on Christmas day.
If you would like to go to church but are not sure about going on your own, any of the Friends international team would be more than happy to take you.  E-mail Hugh and Rebecca Griffin or Dave & Lois Pratt.

Transport back to campus, Manor Park & Hazel Farm will be available at the end of each event.
Where a ticket is required for an event as noted above, please obtain your ticket, or tickets, in advance.  For tickets or further details about any of the events please email welcoming international students
in Guildford