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Faith Matters

If you have recently arrived here you may be surprised to find that, although Britain is historically a "Christian country", most people are not Christians at all.  Although many people you meet may claim to be Christian, or believe in God, a survey by ICM for the BBC sadly suggests that Britain is one of the most unbelieving nations in the world[1].  Guildford does, however, appear to have one of the highest church attendance records in England[2].  (But, although someone may attend a church regularly, it does not neccessarily mean that person is a Christian!)

There are about 130 thousand people in the Guildford borough, 10 thousand of whom are full-time students[3].  The University of Surrey alone welcomes nearly 4000 international students from over 140 countries[4].  So there are people of many different languages, cultures and traditions, living or working in Guildford, and people of many different faiths.

Friends International is a Christian organisation, and therefore we have strong links with local churches and Christian groups in Guildford.  Each year free courses are run which explain the Christian faith; courses such as Christianity Explored, The Alpha Course, Moving On, and The Visa Course (nothing to do with international visas!)  These provide an opportunity to find out more about Christianity and the Bible, and are open to students of any nationality or religious background.  To sign up for one of these courses, please contact Hugh Griffin or fill in the Contact Request form.

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There are also more English links, and some links in many other languages on the Bible Studies page.

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