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Friends International in Guildford

Friends International welcomes international students and their families to Guildford.  Make the most of your time in the UK and find out that there can be more to life here than study.  If you are feeling far from home, Friends International can help you make friends with local people and other internationals like yourself.  If you are here with your family, perhaps they would welcome friendship and support while you are working hard.  Whatever your hopes for your time here in the UK, read on and find out more.

Friends International is supported and organised by people from churches in the Guildford area but it is run for students from all countries and all religions.  It is not just for people who practice the Christian faith.  You may follow another religion or have no particular religious belief; Friends International is for you.  There are opportunities to learn about the Christian belief if you wish.

If you will be studying somewhere in the UK other than in Guildford, you may be able to find a similar Friends International group to welcome you there.  Go to Friends International UK to "find friendly people near you". welcoming international students
in Guildford